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What funding can I get if I’m not on Government’s Benefits?

With the new Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO4), you may qualify for several measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home. However, this funding is mostly only available for those on qualifying benefits. 

ECO4 and LA Flex funding for energy efficiency

So what funding could you be eligible for if you are not on Government Benefits? 

Firstly, you may be able to qualify for the ECO4 Scheme if your household income is below £31,000.

Alternatively, there is another route to access the funding through LA Flex.

LA Flex is an extension of the ECO4 Scheme and aims to provide more opportunities for households to access funding for energy efficiency measures.

Let’s explore what it is, who can qualify, what benefits it offers, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is LA Flex?

LA Flex allows Councils and Local Authorities to expand the eligibility criteria for ECO4 funding, tailoring energy efficiency schemes to their specific areas. It enables more residents, beyond those receiving benefits, to qualify for ECO4 funding based on factors such as low incomes, health conditions, age, or geographic location. This empowers councils to support communities that may have unique energy efficiency needs.

Who can qualify?

To qualify for LA Flex, residents must meet certain criteria defined by their Local Authority. 

These criteria typically include:

  • being in fuel poverty 
  • having a low income 
  • vulnerability to living in a cold home

Vulnerability can be assessed based on factors like age, health conditions, pregnancy, or having young children.

Each Local Authority may have slightly different eligibility requirements, so it’s important to contact Eclipse Energy and we can give you the specific details for your local council and area.

What can you get through the funding?

LA Flex provides free funding for various home energy efficiency measures. These can include the installation of:

The specific measures available will depend on the funding and initiatives implemented by your Local Authority. By improving energy efficiency, you can reduce energy consumption, lower your carbon footprint, and save money on energy bills.

Can social housing tenants apply?

No, LA Flex is primarily targeted towards homeowners. Social housing tenants may have access to other energy efficiency schemes or initiatives specific to their housing provider.

How do I know if my Local Authority participates in LA Flex?

Not all Local Authorities may have implemented LA Flex. To find out if your area offers the funding, it’s best to call us and we can check this for you.

What are the income requirements for LA Flex?

Income requirements may vary depending on the Local Authority. In general, low-income households with total annual incomes below a certain threshold, such as £27,000, may be eligible. However, income limits can differ based on the cost of living in your area.

Can I apply for both LA Flex and other energy efficiency schemes?

It’s possible to apply for multiple energy efficiency schemes; however, eligibility and funding availability may vary. 

How can I apply for LA Flex?

To apply for the funding, contact Eclipse Energy and we can guide and assist you throughout the application process, right through to completion of the work. 

The quickest way to check eligibility is by calling us on 01422 414850.

Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out a form on our website.

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