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Eclipse Energy was founded with one promise in mind, to provide affordable, common sense solutions to make homes more energy efficient and reduce heating bills.

That promise has led us to working with homeowners, local authorities and contractors across Yorkshire installing innovative measures in properties that have reduced energy waste, provided heating for less money and improved air quality in even the most dilapidated homes.

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and covering the North of England, our mission as a company is to provide energy efficient, affordable improvements to a variety of different individuals and companies including solar panel systems. Working on commercial projects, individual domestic jobs and large-scale local authority and government schemes, we have the experience required to deal with any job required of us.

We’re proud of our collaborations with other local and national businesses so we can offer our services to councils and businesses alike. Our strong work ethic, professional practice and prompt response to both reactive and planned maintenance has garnered us personal links with local suppliers in Yorkshire.

Our team consists of fully accredited, knowledgeable staff, from the team at the office to our on-site engineers and solar panel fitters. Our focus is on providing a no-nonsense, affordable approach to the energy efficiency needs of a variety of different customers.

Our team of solar panel fitters have over 20 years’ experience in installing solar systems, and all our installations come with a free structural and electrical survey, to ensure you are happy with the placement of your panels, inverters and batteries. Our solar panel installation team operate in the North of England including across Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North West including Cumbria, North East, and Northern Wales.

At Eclipse Energy, it’s important to us that our customers are aware of the best solutions to their energy problems and can make informed decisions on any work they would like to be performed. All our customers receive a free, no obligation home survey which identifies improvements that can be made. If you believe you may require one type of solution, but the same improvements can be made with a simpler, more affordable product, our survey team will always advise you on how to do so.

Our work with low-income homeowners and tenants, including free boilers and insulation, is aimed at tackling fuel poverty across the North of England. A household is said to be in fuel poverty if;

  • They have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level), and
  • Were they to spend that amount they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line

Fighting fuel poverty an improving existing housing stock is one of the most important issues we currently face, both in terms of social inequality but also in meeting environmental targets. If you believe that you may be in fuel poverty, our team are on hand to advise you how you can benefit from government and local authority schemes to improve your situation.


Installation and maintenance of A-rated, energy efficient boilers.


Domestic property insulation, ranging from under floor to full attic room renovations.


Ensuring ventilation meets building regulations, preventing the build up of damp and mould.

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