1. An Eclipse boiler keeps you warm
  2. Eclipse insulation traps the heat indoors
  3. Eclipse ventilation keeps fresh air flowing through the house

Insulation is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home and reducing your heating bills.

By improving the insulation within your home, you ensure that any heat you generate through your central heating system stays indoors for longer, reducing how long you need to have your heating on for and keeping your living space comfortable.

Even the most well heated home can be energy efficient if poorly insulated, as the heat generated will simply leak out through the floors, windows, walls and roof.

At Eclipse Energy, our specialist surveyors have expertise in all types of insulation and can advise on the best ways to keep any type of property warm, from one-bedroom terraced houses through to large scale commercial projects.

In addition to our extensive knowledge, Eclipse are also experts in securing funding for low income households who want to tackle fuel poverty, reduce their bills and improve their living standards. In this section, you will find information on all the different insulation products and services we provide, as well as information on any funding you may be able to access.

Home Insulation

You could save hundreds of pounds every year with a properly insulated home.


We are proud to offer part and full funding for Low Income or Vulnerable Households.