Commercial Solar Power

As part of our mission to reduce emissions and create a sustainable energy future, we offer a full design and installation service for commercial solar systems across the UK, helping businesses tackle rising energy costs and take control of their own green energy generation.

We work across a range of industries, from local SMEs to multinational companies, specialising in creating bespoke solutions that meet the needs of our diverse and varied clients.

Why Solar?

Due to the comparatively simple install process, the abundance of commercial rooftop space and the incredibly high potential for return, solar power is one of the most popular sustainable solutions for businesses across the country. With annual returns of up to 25%, and a system life in excess of 25 years, it’s obvious why companies are turning to solar to reduce their costs and build a sustainable future.

Rising energy bills are creating an unwanted and unnecessary burden for companies across the country, taking up valuable financial resources that could be invested into more critical sectors such as job creation, marketing, or research and development. Our solar systems are designed to be much more than an environmental consideration, but a long lasting and practical business investment.

The Benefits

Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require almost no maintenance, aside from periodic cleaning with fresh water. In addition, all Eclipse commercial solar installs come with lifetime remote monitoring as standard.

Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers

Long Lasting

Solar panels are rated to last at least 20 years, with some lasting as long as 30 years.

Solar Panel Installation


The earth receives more energy from the sun every hour than humanity uses in an entire year! Harnessing the power of the sun can eliminate the global reliance on fossil fuels, providing cheap clean energy for the future.

Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers

Modular and Flexible

Solar systems are designed to be adaptable to your needs. If your energy consumption grows, you can just add more panels (if there is space available) or consider pairing it with battery storage to use your electricity when the sun isn’t shining.

Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers

Fast Payback

As businesses unit prices in electricity have risen so quickly over the last couple of years, we are now seeing certain customers achieving full and clear payback in as little as 4 years.

Solar Panel Installers

Utilise Unused Space

Solar panels don’t need to take up land, and indeed can work better when placed on rooftops. Turn your unused rooftop into an investment with up to 25% annual returns with a commercial solar system.

Solar Panel Installation

Socially Responsible

As businesses, it’s important to be reinvesting into corporate social responsibility, doing our part to improve the regions we work in. A commercial solar system showcases your green credentials as well as reducing emissions and pollution around your premises.

Industries we serve

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Retail & Wholesale
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Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers
Property Development
Public Sector Properties
Public Sector Properties
Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers
Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers
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Loft Insulation Grants, Solar Panel Installers
Data Storage / Data Centres
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Solar Panel Compare
Food & Drink

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The Process

We believe that transparency is an important part of the process when considering a solar system for your business and have laid out how we work, from first contact through to handover, so that you know exactly how a commercial solar installation is done...

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