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Underfloor Insulation: What is it?

What is Underfloor Insulation?

Underfloor insulation is a cost effective, simple solution. It will allow you to keep your property warmer for less money, while reducing the carbon footprint of your home. With rising energy prices, homeowners are looking at numerous ways to cut their energy usage. Look no further than underfloor insulation – as it’s one of the simplest measures to look at.

Installed in as little as half a day, underfloor insulation works by insulating under your ground floor. We can do this either by removing the floorboards or going upwards through the cellar. This is particularly beneficial for unheated rooms under a garage because a lot of heat can be lost there.

Furthermore, underfloor insulation is particularly easy to install in older homes which tend to have ‘suspended’ timber floors. By going under the floor here, it is very simple to install insulation in these properties and can have the greatest impact. As mentioned above, this is either done by removing the floorboards, or going upwards through a cellar.

How Much Can I Save?

Energy savings for underfloor insulation vary from property to property. Typically you will see reductions of up to £85 per year for a detached house, or £50 for a terrace/semi-detached. These savings are a result of reducing your carbon footprint by as much as:

  • 300kg for a detached house
  • 175kg for a semi-detached/terrace

It is worth noting that these figures are based on fuel prices from November 2021. As we have seen in early 2022, energy bills are rising rapidly with no indication of dropping in the near future. As such, these savings will continue to grow year on year, having a significant saving over the lifetime of the measure, which typically lasts approximately 20 years.

How Is The Underfloor Insulation Installed?

Our team of expert installers look to install underfloor insulation in as little as one day. For properties with a cellar, we can insulate the ceiling of the cellar in very little time.

If you have a property where you cannot access the cellar, we will remove some floorboards in order to fit the insulation. Once completed, we will attach the floorboards back to where they were before the job began, and will look identical.

If you own your own home, and receive qualifying benefits, you may receive funding. This could be for free underfloor insulation and a brand-new A-rated boiler.

Click the link here to find out more and see if you qualify or contact us today.

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