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Internal Wall Insulation: Fully funded through the ECO4 Scheme

Are you tired of chilly rooms in the winter and uncomfortably hot rooms in the summer?

If so, it’s almost certain that you need to consider internal wall insulation. This will not only improve your home’s thermal performance, but also enhance comfort and reduce heat loss. And the best part? You may be eligible for free insulation through the government’s ECO4 scheme.

internal wall insulation free funding

What is internal wall insulation?

Internal wall insulation is a non-intrusive method that doesn’t affect the external appearance of a property. It offers homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their insulation without major construction work and can be a valuable investment for long-term energy savings and increased property value.

By adding insulation material to the interior walls, you can create a thermal barrier that prevents heat from escaping, keeping your home warmer for longer. Whether you have solid brick, concrete, or timber-framed walls, internal wall insulation can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

One of the advantages of internal wall insulation is its versatility. It can be applied to various types of walls, making it suitable for both old and new properties. Unlike external wall insulation, which requires major construction work and may not be feasible for certain buildings, interior wall insulation offers a non-intrusive alternative. This means you can upgrade your home’s insulation without altering its external appearance.

FREE Funding

But here’s the exciting part – you may be eligible for free internal wall insulation through the ECO4 scheme. This government-funded initiative aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes across the country. By meeting certain criteria, such as being a homeowner with a low household income or receiving government benefits, you can take advantage of this funding opportunity. It’s a fantastic chance to enhance your home’s energy efficiency without incurring any costs – no strings attached!

The benefits of internal wall insulation are:

  • energy savings and lower energy bills
  • reduce heat loss
  • create a more comfortable living environment throughout the year
  • no more cold spots, dampness, and condensation issues
  • improved indoor air quality
  • healthier living space
  • reduce noise transmission between rooms
  • enhanced comfort and privacy
  • increased property value

How do I apply for the ECO4 Scheme?

So, how can you get started with insulation through the ECO4 scheme? The first step is to check your eligibility by giving us a call on 01422 414850.

It’s the quickest way to check your eligibility. However, you can also fill out a form on our website if you prefer. 

Our experienced team will guide you through the process of claiming your free funding, right through to completion of the work. 

Act now and take advantage of the free funding available through the ECO4 scheme. Contact us today!

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