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Energy Efficiency Day: How to reduce your energy consumption

With the UK experiencing higher energy bills for more than a year now, the chance to reduce your energy consumption is most likely more than welcome. Especially today on Energy Efficiency Day.

What is Energy Efficiency Day?

Energy efficiency advocacy groups initiated Energy Efficiency Day with the goal of raising awareness about the reduction of energy consumption. This annual event takes place on the first Wednesday of October every year and aims to encourage people and businesses to contemplate their energy usage and offer advice for reducing it.

Energy efficiency measures can benefit both business and households in two main ways:

1. Reduced Costs

We have all felt the impact of the higher energy bills in recent months and as we head into the colder months again, anything we can do to reduce those costs can make a big difference.

Stats taken from eEnergy, estimate that 30% of all wasted energy is from commercial buildings. Some of the highest energy users could save up to £3.1 million per year just by implementing energy saving measures.

2. Reduced Carbon Emissions

Fossil fuels still dominate our fuel usage in the UK, the lower we can all reduce our energy consumption the better for our planet and our budgets.

How you can save energy:

At Home

Small Changes you can make:

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Avoid overfilling the kettle
  • Turn down radiators in rooms you don’t use
  • Don’t leave appliances on standby
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature
  • Reduce or block draughts
  • Close your curtains before it gets dark

Bigger changes that can have a significant impact:

  • Add Insulation
    If your home isn’t insulated as well as it could be then insulation measures, such as loft insulation, are one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption and energy bills. Plus you may be eligible for FREE home insulation, click here to find out more.
  • Consider Solar Panels
    Solar Panels are a great way to generate your own energy at home to reduce your consumption and energy bills. You may even get paid for any excess energy you produce. You may be eligible for FREE Solar Panels and other energy efficiency measures through the ECO4 Scheme, click here to find out more.

In Your Business

Small Changes you can make:

  • Ensure all computers, lights etc. are switched off at the end of each day
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Switch off lights in rooms not being used
  • Only use your printer when absolutely necessary
  • Avoid overfilling the kettle

If you own your building:

  • Add Solar Panels

For businesses, the potential savings from adding solar panels can be huge and can reduce businesses energy costs by tens of thousands per year. read more on our Commercial Solar offering and you can also complete our online cost calculator which will instantly show you the potential savings you could make. There are also tax relief schemes that will dramatically increase your return on investment. 

  • Add Insulation

Just as you would at home, adding insulation to your business premises can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Below are some more energy savings tips you might find useful:

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