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Bradford Council Extends Funding for Room-in-Roof Insulation

Free funding for Bradford residents!

Installed by Eclipse Energy and in partnership with Better Homes Yorkshire, Bradford Council has extended the deadline to apply for free room-in-roof insulation funding.

This means you have until September for work to be completed.

However, with limited spots available, we urge Bradford residents to get in touch as soon as possible on 01422 414850 for this free funding. 

The scheme offers room-in-roof insulation completely free of charge, with no strings attached!

Contact Eclipse Energy today to get booked in.


How do I qualify for the free funding?

To get your free funding for room-in-roof insulation in Bradford, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Own a property in Bradford
  • The property has a room-in-roof (which is accessed via a fixed staircase and has a window)
  • You have a household income of less than £30,000 OR receive some form of benefits (such as child tax credit, universal credit, or pension credit)

What is a room-in-roof?

A room-in-roof is a converted loft or attic that can be accessed through a permanent staircase. Insulating this area is a highly effective method for lowering energy bills and enhancing the overall comfort of your living space.

What is room-in-roof insulation?

It provides insulation to the entire roof space, including walls and ceilings, ensuring that the converted room remains well-insulated and comfortable throughout the year.

Why do I need room-in-roof insulation?

By insulating your loft or attic, you can effectively minimise heat loss and lower your energy bills considerably. 

How much heat is lost through a roof?

Did you know that an uninsulated home loses about 25% of its heat through the roof? That’s a significant amount!

Imagine the impact it has on your energy bills over a year. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste. Take action and consider insulating your roof to save on heating costs.

What work will be done?

Room-in-roof insulation involves installing insulation materials within the roof space, creating a barrier that prevents warmth from escaping through the roof.

The installation process typically takes around two weeks, ensuring a thorough and effective outcome. 

There are three main types of insulation commonly used in roof insulation: rigid insulation, flexible insulation, and thermal lining boards. 

Our experienced team will thoroughly examine the entire envelope of your property, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. This strategic ventilation system guarantees a constant flow of fresh air into your home while preserving the warmth you desire.

How do I apply for the free funding?

The best way to apply is to give us a call on 01422 414850 and we can tell you over the phone if you’ll be eligible. 

Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form on our website, 

With limited spots available, don’t delay in contacting us!

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