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Room in Roof Insulation: Bradford Review

At Eclipse Energy, we take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality energy efficient solutions. Today, we received a testimonial from one of our clients who had ‘room in roof’ insulation installed by our team in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Room in roof insulation is a type of insulation designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes with a pitched roof that has living space, such as an attic or loft conversion. This type of insulation involves insulating the roof and walls of the attic or loft space to prevent heat loss and reduce energy bills.

Ultimately, by insulating the roof space, homeowners can create a comfortable living environment and reduce their energy bills significantly, as less energy is needed to heat their homes.

room in roof insulation in bradford reviews

Room in Roof Insulation Review

Here are some direct quotations from their testimonial:

“I am so impressed with all your workers. A big shout out to the Vents team, Ben and Pav who answered all my questions. They did a fantastic job and left no mess at all.”

“I have to say a very special thank you to the team who put the insulating panels in. Especially as they had the dirty job of cutting the hatch for the roof space. Those guys worked SO hard to get everything done in time and they were so well-mannered and pleasant.”

“The plasterers, Ryan and Mackenzie were also absolutely brilliant….efficient, hard working and genuinely lovely guys. The joiners, Dan and Dan did a great job, as did the painter who got the new plaster work painted in no time. Lovely job.”

“Thank you to the cleaners from Done and Dusted who were like a pair of magicians! Thank you to the electricians, Alex and Tom who sorted out the sockets, light fittings and wired up the vents. Again, they were so pleasant and explained everything they were doing.”

“I know this is a long thank you note, but I am honestly so impressed with you guys. Including all the people in the office who have always been so polite and helpful. I’m as pleased as punch!”

Room in Roof Insulation Grants

We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our clients, and to provide them with excellent service.

At Eclipse Energy, we undoubtedly believe that every household should have access to affordable energy efficient solutions. We are committed to making that a reality for our clients and helping to lower their energy bills.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Room in the Roof scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, you could be eligible for Government funding under the new ECO4 scheme.

Thank you again to our wonderful client for taking the time to share their positive experience with us!

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