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Loft Insulation: Enjoy lower energy bills and a warmer home

Are you worried about your heating bills over the winter months? Did you know that loft insulation is the cheapest and one of the most effective insulation methods available. Which helps to keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills.

At Eclipse Energy we have installed loft and other types of insulation in thousands of homes. We are proud to be the best insulation installer in the North of England.

What is Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation is an extra layer that helps to cut down heat loss through your roof. 25% of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. Making insulating your loft an effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills.

Loft insulation is a non-intrusive method. It offers homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their insulation without major construction work and can be a valuable investment for long-term energy savings.

Heat rises, and by adding insulation material to your loft, you can create a thermal barrier that prevents heat from escaping. Keeping your home warmer for longer and enjoying cheaper energy bills. Whatever type of roof you have it is likely that it can be insulated.

How disruptive will it be to have loft insulation installed?

Installing this type of insulation is very un-intrusive. No building works are necessary, and, in most cases, you can complete the work in just one day.

There are various types of insulation available which can be suitable for different situations. Firstly, our insulation experts at Eclipse Energy will assess your loft space. Secondly, we will then recommend the best solution for your home to maximise the savings you will make on your energy bills.

How much could I save on energy costs?

Not only will insulating your loft reduce your energy bills this winter. Furthermore, it will continue to reduce your energy bills for decades to come. Correctly installed insulation, from an accredited company, can last up to 40 years. Meaning the relatively low cost of adding loft insulation will be paid for in reduced energy bills many times over.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, a loft insulated with 270mm of insulation could save you up to £475 per year on heating bills. Plus it will reduce your carbon dioxide output by up to 1000kg. 

You can read the Energy Saving Trust article here.

Estimated Savings by home type based on insulating a gas-heated home with a totally uninsulated loft (0mm) with 270mm of insulation:

  • Mid-terrace house
    £260 per year on energy bills
    550kg Carbon Dioxide
  • Semi-detached house
    £285 per year on energy bills
    620kg Carbon Dioxide
  • Detached house
    £475 per year on energy bills
    1000kg Carbon Dioxide
  • Detached Bungalow house
    £470 per year on energy bills
    1000kg Carbon Dioxide

Contact Us Today

Simply contact us today and we’ll come straight out to assess your loft space and get your loft insulated so you can benefit from the saving on your energy bills in time for winter.

Call Matt on 07884261440 for a direct no obligation quote, or complete the form on our Insulation page and one of our friendly experts will call you to arrange an appointment to come and assess your loft space for insulation.

FREE Funding

You may also be eligible for free funding through the ECO4 Scheme. Click here to find out if you are eligible for a free insulation grant.

If you are not eligible then don’t worry because loft insulation is the cheapest form of insulation available and will pay for itself many times over during its up to 40 years life span with reduced energy bills.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote!

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