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0% VAT on solar panels for your home for the next 5 years

Although installing Solar Panels on your home is cheaper than it has ever been, it is still a significant cost to consider. The good news is that all UK households until March 2027 are eligible to 0% VAT when you purchase Solar Panels and Battery Storage.

This could see you saving hundreds on the initial outlay of installing Solar Panels. Meaning the energy savings you make will benefit you even sooner.

0% VAT on solar panels

What does 0% VAT mean?

The government scheme means you do not have to pay the normal 20% VAT on top of the cost of your solar panels or battery storage. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, depending on the size of the solar system you have installed.

The scheme is due to last until March 2027, and is available on Solar Panels and Battery Storage. 0% VAT is also available on other energy efficiency measures, including home insulation and heat pumps.

With the current high costs of energy, you could be making significant savings every month with Solar Panels on your home. Now really is the best time to invest in this green technology and reduce your reliance on the grid and the turbulent prices that come along with it.

What do I pay 0% VAT on?

You can benefit from 0% VAT on both the cost of your Solar Panels and also the cost of Battery Storage should you choose it.

Battery storage allows you to store the energy produced by your solar panels for use when you need it. For example in the evenings. Any energy you don’t use can be exported back to the grid so you can receive payments under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Find out more about the benefits of Solar Panels for your home in our Ultimate Guide to Solar Panel Installation.

Do I qualify for 0% VAT?

If you are a homeowner, yes you will be eligible to get solar panels and battery storage at 0% VAT.

Do charities qualify?

For a charity to qualify, the building must be used solely* for relevant charity purposes. This includes the energy-saving materials being installed as part of a qualifying project.

*If the building is used 95% for charitable purposes, the VAT waiver still applies.

Do businesses qualify?

If you own a business with your own premises please visit our dedicated Commercial Solar website. You can read about all the benefits of adding solar panels for your business including our handy online savings calculator.

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